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With the range of services itPBX offers we are sure to have a solution that fits your business needs. Our team is here to work with you and provide a custom solution that will help increase productivity, improve security and ultimately save your company money. Get started today by clicking the button below and we will have one of our account specialists contact you to build your custom quote based on your business needs.

Voip Phone Service

Providing PBX and Remote VOIP Service, we have a cost effective solution that will meet specific requirements and save you time and money.

Call Centers

Have a Call Center with multiple Queue’s and special recording and routing needs? Our Call Center Solutions are just what you are looking for.

Virtual IVR

No need for a full scale Hosted PBX? Our Virtual IVR is just what you need. Your business will seem larger and more professional while keeping your costs to a minimum.

VOIP Services

We understand the importance and role that communication plays in running a successful business. That’s why we provide the most complete solution for Voice Over IP (VoIP) phones in Charlotte.

Phones and Devices

At itPBX we offer a variety of VOIP telephones. All of our phones utilize SIP Technology (Session Initiation Protocol).These are telephones that use VoIP technologies for making calls over an IP Network or the traditional PSTN networks.

IT Support

Searching for a reliable and dedicated IT Support solution? itPBX can be the full service solution or a supplement to your IT department. Whether you want full service support or a retainer, we can help.

Cloud Backup

At itPBX we can formulate and implement a custom data protection plan for your business. We want to ensure complete and overall safety for your files and communication logs.

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